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CHICKEN HALAL Description NB: SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Our policy is to satisfy our customers and maintain a long-term business relationship. We are producers of certified Halal and non Halal Frozen Chicken and we are looking for serious buyers. Our product meet both International and National Standa

Product Description There is a new world, so Think BIG! That's what we BIG Cola drinkers have in common. We love BIG ideas, BIG events, BIG football and BIG Spider-Man video competitions. We even love BIG prizes. But, most of all, we love BIG fun. Come, help us think big together so we can turn the

Description High quality Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) or Palm Oil Sludge (POS) from Malaysia. Which are high concentration of protein, nutritious, roughage, minerals, vitamins B and E, manganese, potassium, and silicon. Applications of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) are animal feed, particularly for cows, biomas

Quick Details Place of Origin: Malaysia Product Detail Details specifications made from milk powder and top-quality cane sugar through sterilization and condensation,dongtai condensed milk products : sweetened condensed milk origin : malaysia ingredient(no easy open and cover) : protein: e1.5%

We are producers of certified Halal and Non Halal Chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business.We supply at both CIF and FOB at any Port in the world without any problem.Our Product meet both International and National standards.We can supply various Frozen Chiken c

Quick Details Place of Origin: Malaysia Product Detail Skimmed Milk Powder Extra Grade, Spray Dried, Origin. New Zealand/Australia Parameter Chemical/ Physical Analysis : Limits Moisture % max 3.20% – 4.00% Fat % max 1.25% Protein % 34.00% – 35.75% Ash % 7.90 – 8.02 Acidity (%L.A) 1.08 – 1.50 Tas

Palm Oil Based Raw Material Used for Manufacturing High Quality Soap. Soap Noodles 80/20 Specs: a) TFM (%) : 78 Min. b) NACI (%) : 0.4 - 0.6 c) Glycerine (%) : 0.1 - 0.5 d) Titre : 44 - 46 e) Moisture (%) : 13.0 Max f) Free Acid C16 (%) : 1.

Product Detail Product Feature best use by cooking or biodiesel crude oil Specification/PORAMStandard Manufacture 50,000 MT per Month FFA(as PALMATIC) 5% maximum Moisture& Impurities 0.25% maximum IodineValue 51% maximum MPADegree 45 – 50 degreeCelsius maximum CloudPoint 3.5R – 3.5Y DOBI 2.31 mini

CRUDE SUNFLOWER OIL We offer an exclusive range of Sunflower Crude Oil which is extracted from pure seeds of sunflower .Our range is widely appreciated for their aroma in food. Our range of oil possesses natural vitamin E to cater health issues of our clients. These contain high level of PUFA and

Product Detail Various of non dairy creamer as follows: Model No.: non dairy creamer 35% fat Carbohydrate(Glucose Syrup): 57%max Fat(Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil): 35%+/-2% Protein(Sodium caseinate ) (6.38): 2.5%+/-0.2% Moisture: 5%max Ash: 3.5%max non dairy creamer 30% fat Carbohydrate(Gluco

Product: REFINED PALM OIL Origin: Malaysia Grade: AA Packing: pet bottles (1l, 2l, 3l 5l) and Jerry cans (18, 20l, 25l) Appearance White to pale yellow solid to semisolid lard-like fat Flavor and Odr Bland, odorless SPECIFICATIONS Specific gravity @ 25°C USP 0.911-0.918 Iodine value USP 50 - 5


Nutritional specifications Dry matter (DM) ? typically 90% DM. Crude protein ? typically in the range of 16-18% so a medium level protein feed. Energy ? at 10.5-12.5 MJ/kg DM, PKE is comparable to energy in cereal grains. However with very little starch (3%) or sugar (4%) PKE is ideally suited to

Description Urea N 46%: Nitrogen: 46% min. Moisture: 0.3% max. Biuret: 1% max. Granulation: 1 - 4 mm 90-94 % min. Melting Point: 131-135 Degrees Celsius Colour: Pure White Prilled Radiation: Non - Radioactive Free Ammonia: 160pxt ppm max. Prilled,Treated against caking, 100% free from harmf

Brand Name :Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Place of Origin :Malaysia Material :Nuts & Kernels Usage :high grade solid renewable fuel for burning Specifications Can be considered like a natural pellet and an high grade solid renewable fuel for burning, as received, both in co firing with Can be consid

Description Palm Shortening is a yellow-orange vegetable fat excellent for tenderising baked products and at the same time functioning as a natural colorant and vitamin rich nutrient. The shortening is made from non-hydrogenated red palm oil, which is free from harmful trans fatty acids, cholestero

Product Detail Blends of premium quality palm product. Can be used as replacement for Dairy Milk Fat in the production of : condensed milk cheese yogurt Benefits TFA (Trans Fatty Acid) Free as 100% palm based GMO free Cholesterol Free Lower color High stability Better taste and mouthfeel No prese

Description Palm Shortening is a yellow-orange vegetable fat excellent for tenderising baked products and at the same time functioning as a natural colorant and vitamin rich nutrient. The shortening is made from non-hydrogenated red palm oil, which is free from harmful trans fatty acids, cholestero

Product Description Type: Toilet Soap Toilet Soap Type: Bath Soap Style: Bar Soap Form: Solid Handmade: No Transparent: No Medicated: Yes Ingredient: Herbal Main Ingredient: Glycerine Age Group: Adults Feature: Basic Cleaning, Antiseptic Brand Name: MEKAKO Model Number: 100G Product Feature 1.Protec

DESCRIPTION Lint Free Sewing Thread (M13-F-001) - Free of particle generation - Color : White, Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Olive Green - Standard Packing : 245 grams/cone, 10 cones/box, 10 boxes/carton Conductive Sewing Thread (M13-F-002) - Free of particle generation & ESD control - Surface Resi

Rice bran oil extracted from the thin bran coating of brown rice has been around for centuries. Even today, it is extensively used in many Asian countries like Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand for cooking, particularly in Japan where it is popularly known as the ”heart Oil'

Product Description FIBC Bag Size: 90*90*120cm Type: lamination Loops: up 25cm, down 25cm Top spout 45*50cm Bottom Spout 45*50cm Loading Weight: 1000kgs

REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL Our direct provider have operated in refined and crude sunflower oil as a authorized many years.This manufactory is the largest manufactures in ukraine and Brazil.We can provide good quality sunflower oil with compeittive price in 1l, 0,5l.We can provide iso and haccp certifi

BEST OFFER PRICE. we provide you higher product quality in better price with good relationship between us and plantation all around Thailand. we can provide large product quality at any time you desire. ON TIME SHIPMENT we commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with o

We are farmers who want to improve our own sales and start trading for export. So you can share an opinions and share experiences businesses to support each other. For our wholesale Dried Pangasius is produced directly from from factory with quality and fair price. One carton weight 15 kg. 2,100 THB

FIREBULL manufacture in THAILAND. we can supply this energy drink from THAILAND to any other country. good price and quality. contact us with your LOI if you are interest, then we will give you quotation, Thanks

We supply aluminium foil and food foil boxes from Bangladesh. Good quality and price. Contact us for more information. realtrade@jolienano.com Thanks

White sugar ICUMSA 45 We offer. ICUMSA 45 is a highly refined sugar, and it is easily recognizable by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure Sucrose taste. It is suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food applications. It is perpetually in high demand as it is the safes

YELLOW SPLIT PEAS Product Detail Our direct provider is a big Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of peas large volume originated from Ukraine to the countries of CIS, EU, near abroad and far reaches of the world. Kind: yellow, shelled, chipped. Description: dried, hulled. Packa

WHEAT FLOUR FIRST GRADE & PREMIUM GRADE. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Grade: Premium Grade Place of Origin: Ukraine Type: non GMO Wet Gluten: min 25-26% Gluten Quality: 70-85% Whiteness: 60% Falling number: 350-400 sec Moisture: 14.0-14.5% Ash: 0.45% Protein dry basis: min 11% Certification: HACCP, I

Specifications Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS) from Malaysia We are Oil and Fats manufacturer/oil refinery in Malaysia. We able to offer with competitive price for Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS). pack in 20kg carton. Only serious buyers with firm inquiry, please contact us. Cocoa Butter Substitute (C

If you prefer bananas with pedigree, Cavendish banana should be your choice. Across the world there is a huge demand for fresh Cavendish bananas. In the Middle East countries the majority of commercially-sold bananas are the Cavendish banana. It has more nutrition content than other varieties of ban

Dear Customer, We 'd like to take this opportunity to offering and providing the Jumbo bag or Big bag to any buyer who are interest in our product. The products have both of new and second hand but good quality. Many of Size, Type, Color depend on your application. The customer can request and send

FRESH INDIAN COCOCNUT The coconut is a common fruit found in tropical climates around the world. Most people are familiar with 2 types of coconuts: the fresh green coconut for water and the brown ripe coconut for the meat. The first one has great quantity of water and a soft pulp, which is used for

JORINANO EXPORT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is a trading company with many others value partners. All the customers who will contact us have to be ready to provide an official LOI with all details, otherwise we will not be able to give any quotation.